Best Photo Editing App – The best photo editing app is of course a subjective choice. But for free (and premium) apps available, there are tons of them out there.

You will need a lot of time to choose one among hundreds or even thousands of apps. Of course it will be very tiring.

So that your time is not wasted, we have curated several apps and also listed them in a list so you can choose quickly.

Without the need to delay, let’s discuss which photo editing app is the best? Check out the article below.

Best Photo Editing App

Best Photo Editing App

Mobile devices that can be taken anywhere sometimes have limited memory to run sophisticated apps, such as photo editing apps.

Well, but you don’t need to worry because we’ve put together a list of photo (and even video) editing apps below:

1. Adobe Lightroom CC

You can rely on aesthetics photo editing on the go with Adobe Lightroom. You can edit photos in RAW and DNG formats.

You can use this app for free with quite complete features to edit the color composition of photos to make it more pleasing to the eye.

In order to use it for free, you can register with Adobe ID.

You can also use cloud storage from Adobe to store various photos and integrate them with Adobe Lightroom CC.

Apart from that, by paying 10 USD per month, you can also get various features that support the photo editing process.


There are several advantages of VSCO, including a capable camera app, a large database for storing various filters from the internet, and can be integrated with social media.

The features offered for editing photos with VSCO are also quite complete, especially the range of filter options.

VSCO, apart from being a photo editing app, also functions as a platform for uploading the edited photos earlier.

This app is also popular among artists because of its various filters and ease of use.

While this app can edit photos, VSCO X can be used to edit videos.

3. Photoshop Express

This app is available for free for both Android and iOS. The features you will find here are similar to Lightroom.

The features offered for editing photos are quite basic, including editors for exposure, contrast, and coloring.

The range of filter options and effects from Adobe Photoshop Express also varies quite a bit in its class.

This app is also available in a pro version for more complete features for editing your photos.

4. Picsart

Picsart is specifically designed as a photo editing app via mobile. That’s why this app is very user-friendly.

With this app, in addition to importing images through the gallery, it is possible to import photos from social media.

In this app, you can also upload images, stickers and more so that other users can use them.

To use it for free, this app offers a lot of features that go beyond just providing features and adjusting the contrast and exposure.

5. Pixelstyle

If you need an app that is only for re-touching photo shots to make the colors sharper, we recommend Pixelstyle.

Actually, the main focus of this app is to color or draw. However, the various tools provided are also capable of processing photos.

The drawback of this app is that you cannot see in real-time what kind of changes have been made.

You have to wait a while. So, it’s quite different from VSCO or Picasrt which have their own camera app to see real-time results.

6. Polarr

Polarr has tens of thousands of effects as well as filters. You can choose and experiment with the filters and effects provided by Polarr.

The advantage offered by Polarr is that you can edit JPEG format photos with up to 30 megapixels. Isn’t that cool?

The features that are served to its users are also quite unique, namely face filters to change face shape, change skin color and so on.

However, the more you use it and know what features Polarr has, you will realize that this app is very functional and effective as a mobile photo editor.

7. Snapseed

One of the best photo editing apps on this list because photos retouched with Snapseed can reach a professional level.

You could say this is an alternative to the Photoshop app because you can have full control when editing photos including adjusting the temperature, blur, vignette and others like Picsart.

Not without reason, Snapseed is considered as an alternative to Photoshop. This is because the tools that are owned are quite complete.

The filters and effects offered in this app are no less eye-catching when compared to VSCO.

8. YouCam Perfect

You can also edit professionally via Android and iOS devices with the YouCam Perfect app.

What’s cool about this app is the effects and animations that are out of the box.

You can remove the photo background and then replace it with a sky animation a la Kimi No Nawa. Interesting, right?

In addition, this app also has a choice of effects, types of frames and others which are quite diverse for a free app.

So, because of its uniqueness, we include YouCam on our list.


Photos must be presented well, especially if you are a photographer building a photography website for a portfolio.

Hopefully, this list of apps for editing photos that have been reviewed can help you choose which one is right and appropriate.

So, besides discussing anything from a technology standpoint, Linsteadapp also has a discussion about marketing. Keep following our blog.

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