Best Game Booster App – The Game Booster app can be used to speed up cellphones so that they don’t lag when you are playing games. Mobile phones that experience lag will make the mood to play down and make the game less exciting.

Convenience in playing games must be maintained, one of which is by having the Game Booster app so that it can overcome lag complaints. The importance of this app, especially on Android-based mobile phones, makes many look for the Game Booster app.

How does it work? What are the best Game Booster Apps for Android phones? And what is the Game Booster App? To find the answer to that question, you can read this article to the end. We will recommend the best Game Booster app for you to use.

What is a Game Booster App?

What is a Game Booster App

It’s normal to feel tired from the daily routine. Everyone must feel tired at some point. To overcome this, playing games can be one of the things that can make you more excited.

The Game Booster app was created to reduce lag when you are playing the game you like. In addition, the Game Booster app can make cellphone performance faster so it won’t feel heavy when playing.

Many of today’s popular games are quite large and eat up storage. If the cellphone that you have is not strong enough to accommodate it, then the game will experience frames or lag. Of course that will make you feel annoyed right?

Especially if you have a cellphone with a RAM size that is not too large. It feels like the cellphone that you are using can no longer be used to play games. Sometimes even having a cellphone with standard RAM can still make the cellphone lag.

Because of these complaints, there are many Game Booster apps that you can use now. The Game Booster app also makes the performance and running of the game more optimal.

Some of the commands that can be executed are to clear cache in apps, cache files, make memory more optimal, and close background tasks. Apart from that command, there are several other commands that make the Game Booster app have many functions.

By having this app, you can play heavy games more comfortably. Enjoy a lag-free gaming experience using the best Game Booster app for Android!

The Best Game Booster App for Android Phones

The Best Game Booster App for Android Phones

Are you impatient with the Game Booster app which can make your cellphone lighter? Here are some recommendations from us!

1. Play games faster and smoother

The first recommendation for this first game booster, is able to increase the performance speed of the cellphone that you use to play. This one app is also useful for smoothing the display when playing games.
With this one app, you can speed up playing mode by up to 40%. The speed increase is quite large due to the feature to automatically close background tasks.

Apart from these two main functions, this one game booster app can also speed up the connection. Where the ability to receive signals becomes faster and increases. The size of this app is also very small so it doesn’t take up storage memory.

2. Dr. Boosters

The second recommendation is Dr. Booster that is quite well known and widely used. This one app speeds up the performance of the cellphone up to 2 times.

There are various interesting features that this game booster has, where the features support the performance and functions of this app. One of its features is called direct boost.

Direct boost is used to display a floating boost button which is useful for making the game smoother. Suitable for use when you play quite heavy games such as Mobile Legends, AOV, PUBG Mobile, and other games.

3. Speed Booster

This one app is known to optimize the cellphone that you use instantly. Not only that, but it also makes the cellphone battery last longer.

Besides being used to optimize performance when playing games, the Speed Booster app is also used to delete cache files. By deleting the cache, the cellphone used will avoid lag.

Speed Booster is also an ad-less app. So, this app can make its users more comfortable. The RAM cleaning feature also makes this app superior enough to compete with other apps.

4. Cleaner For Android

Having a cleaner app name doesn’t mean it only has a function to clean up trash. This app is able to perform the task of speeding up cellphone performance so that it can be used more lightly when playing.

There are various types of optimization offered by clear for android. One of these types is to clean up trash, improve battery performance, and most importantly speed up performance when playing games.

This Game Booster app also has an attractive UI. Apart from being attractive, of course this app is easy to use.

5. Gaming Mode

This app was developed by Zipo Apps which allows its users to play games smoothly without lag. Playing games without experiencing lag is the dream of gamers.

The smoothness of the graphics is also a determinant of the mood when playing. If you use this app, you will avoid problems with broken FPS or lag.

How to use it is also very easy to do. You only need to open the app and increase the optimization of the cellphone that you use to play heavy games.

6. Booster 4x Faster

This app has good ratings and reviews if you ask about the quality of this one app. Having a rating of 4.5 out of 5 is already a very good assessment.

Reviews say that this app is suitable for increasing graphics up to 100 FPS. Where you will feel the experience of playing smoothly and smoothly.

Having a size that is also not large makes you save memory storage on the cellphone you are using. Working with optimal capabilities and having a small size makes this app very good to use.

7. GFX Tools

If you play the PUBG game, this app is highly recommended to be used as a game booster on the cellphone you are using. This app has often been given reviews by famous YouTubers where this app is able to change game play for the better.

Playing PUBG really needs smooth graphics so you can see your opponent well and shoot on target. Can’t imagine if you experience lag or frames when you are going to fight enemies right?

In addition, this app is also very suitable for cellphones with low specifications. A very small size but can change the game play is very useful for you to have.

8. Game Booster Act

Developer Net Ease is one of the developers who has often made games with the type of battle royale. Not only making games, this developer also makes apps to optimize games.

Surely gamers have experienced unstable ping, right? This will be very annoying, especially if you play the battle royale genre game.
If you often experience internet or network interruptions while playing, this app can be the solution for you. Your ping can be neutralized by this app. So you will get a more stable ping while playing.

This one app allows you to play any type of game with a better connection. However, this app is paid if the trial or trial period has expired.

This app is free to use within 3 days or 72 hours since you use this app. Therefore, if you want to keep using this app you have to buy the premium.

Not only that, this app is also supported by an excellent user interface. Equipped with various types of advanced features, you must have this app on your cellphone.


Those are some recommendations and information about the Game Booster app that you can have when playing games. Sorry if there is a delivery and writing error. Hopefully this article will make you more enthusiastic about playing. See you later!

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