Best Android Aesthetic Camera App – The best aesthetic camera app is very useful for those of you who like to take pictures and produce images with quality that is not a joke.

The presence of this app supports the photo capabilities of your Android smartphone which are less than optimal, which are usually found on cellphones priced at 1 million and want to get maximum shots.

Best Android Aesthetic Camera App

Best Android Aesthetic Camera App

Below, we have summarized 10 recommendations for the best aesthetic camera apps for you:

1. BeautyPlus-Snap Retouch Filter

The first aesthetic camera app recommendation is BeautyPlus-Snap Retouch Filter which is able to erase your acne scars and large pores so they are smooth.

This app can help you to produce beautiful and smooth photos with the retouch filter feature which will change your appearance to be smoother and almost perfect.

You can use this camera app for free for certain features, and to get premium access, you are required to pay.

2. 1998 Cam Vintage Camera

For those of you who like vintage style, it’s not complete if the coloring isn’t vintage-style either, you can use the 1998 cam camera app to produce aesthetic photos.

Usually, old school photos will have dust or grain effects, and in this app you will get all of that in just one click.


The SNOW camera app will give you a different photo experience, this app provides a variety of cool stickers, of course it will color your photos and make them look more different.

It’s perfect for those of you who want the photos to be busier, because there are so many motion stickers in this app.

4. Kuji Cam

The next recommendation is Kuji Cam, this photo app will give you vintage effects and make the results more aesthetic.

With just one click to choose the filter you like, and produce your version of the best aesthetic photo, then immediately upload it to the Instagram page.

5. Camera iPhone 11 – OS13 Camera

For those of you who want an iPhone-flavored Android phone for its camera features, our recommendation is to use this one camera app.

Here you will get the iPhone 11 camera user interface on an Android phone and produce high-quality photos and videos like an iPhone.

6. Sweet Selfie Beauty Camera & Best Photo Editor

The sixth list is filled by Sweet Selfie Beauty Camera & Best Photo Editor to produce beautiful and aesthetic photos.

There are several features that you can easily get in this app, such as face tune, body retouch, background blur etc.

This camera app can help you to get maximum selfie photos from the default HP app.

7. Camera MX

Camera MX already has more than 20 million users because of its spectacular features, ranging from complete editing features to maximum photo resolution results that you can get through this one app.

By using Android, you can also get shots that resemble those of a reliable photographer’s camera. In fact, you can also make GIFs or moving images using this Camer MX photo app.

8. Google Camera

Google is not only a reliable search tool, this time it’s a matter of taking pictures, they can also be said to have been patronizing by launching the Google Camera app.

This camera app offers a variety of exclusive features to produce maximum photo shots and is ready to decorate your portfolio on Instagram, even the mode of this camera is quite complete, you know!

9. Open Camera

The next Android camera app recommendation is called Open Camera, which comes with a lightweight capacity for your smartphone.

This app made by Mark Harman comes with several important supporting features for producing good photos, such as an auto-stabilizer and even producing HD quality video recordings.

10. Camera51 – A Smarter Camera

No less sophisticated than other camera apps, Camera51 also comes with some interesting features, you know!

This app is also equipped with an automatic face detection feature and several other features, such as auto framing, auto selfie, and many more.


So, that’s a list of the best aesthetic camera apps for Android that you can use to produce the best photos.

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